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About Binx Closet


 I started selling about six years ago using a popular online platform that charged high commission fees and I thought, there's got to be a better way. I then transitioned to using Instagram for sales, built a client base and continued to scale quickly. 

Consignment Sales

Have a bag or wallet sitting in the closet collecting dust? Send it on in and let me sell it for you! My commission is 15% plus shipping to new buyer, I collect my fee after item sells. You are paid out immediately upon sale.  

Special Requests

Do you have a specific bag in mind? Let me help you! Yes, this is what it feels like to have a personal shopper! I need to know exactly which bag you are looking for including size, pattern etc. and your max budget. A small non refundable deposit is required upfront and then I can get to work!

"Bethhhhh I LOVVEEEEE IT! I am dumping everything out of my neverfull right now! You have a new customer for life my friend!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" 

Breanna Green

"Hey Beth! I received my Louis today! Thank you for the seamless, fast, and spot on description of the purse. I'm very happy for my purchase. Thank you so much."

Amanda Parreira

"Thank you for selling my bags so quickly and making it so simple. I will recommend your IG to my friends. You are an excellent seller. I will definitely look for you if I need to sell another one... thank you very much!" 

Virginia Del Toro